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How can your company benefit by distributing NOVUS Plastic Polish?

As a retail distributor in plastics, automotive, motorcycle/atv, music, boating, aeronautics, tanning, and more, the NOVUS line will be a perfect fit with your company. Wholesale sales to small shops and manufacturers in these areas, and many others, is another avenue for distributors of NOVUS Plastic Polishes to benefit their bottom line. As the popularity and uses of plastic products increases, the market for cleaning and restoration of plastics will continue to grow. Offering your customers the NOVUS Polishes to maintain their purchases of plastic products will increase customer satisfaction and repeat business. Adding the NOVUS line of plastic scratch removers and cleaners to many businesses can be very lucrative as a retail or wholesale venture. Your company will profit from adding the NOVUS line of products.

NOVUS Products have had proven quality and sales since 1973. Make the NOVUS track record perform for your company today! Complete our application for distribution or contact us to receive more information.

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