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Submit A TestimonialYou don't have to take our word for it. We hear from hundreds of customers every year and here is what some of them are saying...

I am writing this letter to you to express my extreme happiness with your product. I recently had my Chevy Truck repainted with a two-tone paint job. When I was looking it over I found the tail lenses had been sanded over almost irreversibly scratched! I first thought the tail lenses would need to be replaced and that would cost me more than the paint job. I used the NOVUS #2 and then followed with the NOVUS #1 and shizam! Much to my amazement the scratches polished right out! I couldn't be happier. My tail lenses look brand new and I won't have to replace them now. Thank you for your product.

Aaron E.
San Diego, CA

I turn pens made out of acrylic on the lathe as gifts for friends and family. Your polish gives them a super high gloss that makes them look beautiful. It is the perfect polish for me!

Andrew H.
Marysville, OH

Record collectors are fussy about messing with their treasures, as are coin collectors, etc. There is only one product that I would use to enhance the condition of a 45 RPM disc without fear of lessening its value while trying to improve it, and that is Novus 2. While only somewhat effective on vinyl, it can vastly improve the sound and appearance of styrene discs that have considerable scuffing and groove damage. I have used it thus for over 10 years.

Bob McCune
Minneapolis, MN

I recently purchased your sampler kit. I've done two hood tops on used John Deere L&G tractors, and I must say that I'm impressed! I've tried several polishes and cleaners. I've never found one that will brighten a dulled plastic finish satisfactorally - until now. I would like to know if you recommend a D/A buffer for No 2, or if a regualar buffer.

Casey Implement Co
Casey, IL

I don't usually write company's telling them how good their product is but in this case I feel I should. I just received your #1 #2 #3 starter pack in the mail and gave it a try on an acrylic side panel of my computer. The acrylic had small surface scratches and was hazy because I used Windex and a regular paper towel on it. After using your product I was simply blown away by the results. It looks better than when it was brand new. I would even go as far as to say you can't even tell the acrylic is there. I even tested NOVUS on some of my old CD cases thinking there is no way its going to work on them because of the poor condition the cases were in. Those cases now look brand new...simply unbelievable. I will be recommending NOVUS to all my friends and family.

Brian Hoffman

Your NOVUS #2 polish is a great product! After having my new digital camera only two days, I managed to badly scratch the LCD display. Heartbroken and facing big $$$ for a non-warranty repair, I searched the Internet for ways to fix it and found NOVUS #2 polish recommended in several places. I am utterly pleased with the results. The LCD screen is now as perfect as the day I opened the box. The two dime-sized areas of fine fuzzy scratches are completely gone, as is the inch long deeper scratch. And it was so easy - just 90 seconds of polishing and the screen was fixed. I will be recommending NOVUS polishes as THE fix for scratched screens. Thank you so much.

Bruce Morgan
Bellevue, WA

For about 3 years I've had trouble viewing the LCD screen on my Lowarnce GPS unit on my boat as the screen had become cloudy and fogged. After reading an ad for your product in a marine catalog I went ahead and ordered the 3 piece kit. I discovered the NOVUS #2 scratch remover completely removed all the obscurity from my GPS screen and I'm once again able to view the unit with the same clarity it had when it was new. I figure your product saved me about $1,000, the cost of replacing the whole unit. Thank you NOVUS!

Carlsbad, CA

Your NOVUS Polishes are life savers. I use the NOVUS Polishes on everything from my car headlights and taillights to my CD collection. I have found no products that came close to the look that NOVUS leaves your plastics with.




I can't believe what your NOVUS No. 2 Polish did! As a Voyager owner, our '98 minivan was getting cataracts. Now I don't have to go to more powerful bulbs. The black shiny plastic between the windshield base and the hood looks like new. As I was polishing the van just a few minutes ago, I was saying: I can't believe it!!
Congratulations on your products!

El Paso, TX

A fellow officer at the police department bought your products (#'s 1, 2 & 3). We have used it very successfully on the light bar lenses on our patrol units. The # 2 polish brought back the luster of new light bar lenses. The clear plastic covers, which are 3 years old, look almost like new ones.

Greg C.
Jacksonville Police
Jacksonville, TX

I have used your #2 polish and I found that it works great on headlight housings for your automobile. It removes the haziness and restores back to clear. It practically saved me over $300!!

Isaac Hostler

I've been using NOVUS plastic polish #1& #2 for over ten years at home. I originally purchased it in MN and used it for getting scratches out of a motorcycle faceshield. I now use it on CD's and DVD's as well. My 8oz bottles have saved me at least 10 times the amount of money I paid for them and I still have 75% of the bottle left. I will have your product in my house for life, thanks NOVUS!

Jack Sederstrom
Provo, UT

Thank you Novus! A new cleaning service "ruined" our shiny black Sub Zero refrigerator/freezer acrylic door panels by using a cleaning product designed for glass cook tops. The swirls left in the plastic were quite noticeable. Frigo, a company that makes replacement door panels, suggested using Novus #2 Fine Scratch Remover. I could not be happier with the outcome as the panel surfaces are almost like-new, and avoided a $260 expenditure for new panels. Thank you Novus and Frigo!

Jim Sullivan
Marietta, GA

About 4 months ago I bought your plastic scratch remover, and clean & shine. I bought a 1997 Chevy Malibu 2 years ago and the headlights had a haze over the lenses' some guy told me he could clean them for 80.00 but i said no thanks. I get Whitney catalogs and they had your product in there so I thought I'd try it, well I'll tell you, you have a customer for life the haze is all but gone & the car looks like new, thank you very much.

Joe Mang
Englewood, FL

You can work wonders with the cleaner when combined with a Dremel tool and one of their buffing/polishing wheels. Cleared the headlights of my car to where they look new...and i can see in the dark again. Also works great on my motorcycle fairings!

John Tyrrell
Detroit, MI

I had accidentally shot superglue onto my $600 Sony monitor. After trying to use alcohol, acetone, and a few other items, I had almost decided that I had ruined the monitor. For the laughs of it, I broke out the #2 Novus and began to work at the spots of glue. After about 30 minutes of polishing, all remnants of the glue were gone, and the monitor looks as good as new. Just one more use for Novus products.. A good glass polish as well!!

Kevin Bess
Compuslav Ltd
Edgewater, FL

Hi , we use your #2 Novus to polish guitars and it works beautifully! I myself , have been in guitar manufacturing /repair for years and always used your polish but I just convinced the guys here at the shop to try it and they love it. Just making sure you know your polish can be a real help to instrument builders/technicians. Sincerely, Mario Martin

Mario Martin
Nashville Musicians Repair Service
Nashville, TN

We have used NOVUS Products for many years on our motorcycles. We use it as a final touch-up every time we wash a bike. NOVUS No. 2 will take out that black mark from a boot or that slight scratch where a knee rubbed the tank or the tar that splashed up on the fairing...without compromising the surface. It will bring the shiny life back to faded carbon fiber pieces and even polish your helmet.

Mark Tenney
Moto Guzzi Nat'l Owner Club NC Rep
North Carolina

I submitted this to the Chevy S10 Forum this morning: Novus polish DOES WORK! My daughter has a 97 Honda Civic and left headlight was terribly yellow, right one was nearly like new. After reading above about Novus I went to their website and ordered the 8oz. kit. I received it this week and applied #2 cleaner with a wool bonnet on my electric drill pad at low speed. In less than 30 minutes that lens looked like new right one and with no scratches. I used it on the right one which now looks even better. I then used the #1 polish on the wool buffing pad on both lights and they really shine now. I then applied it to my 00 dime lens, which I thought already looked new, but to my surprise, they too look even better. I have plenty of polish left for future need. I'm thinking of advertising that I can remove yellow off headlights and go into little side cottage business. I'm a satisfied shopper of Novus plastic polish.

Michael Bolton
Jacksonville, FL

For anyone who is interested in a update on the care of your aircraft windscreens the following steps and product will give you the best looking windscreens and the most care free maintenance. First clean your windscreens with NOVUS Plastic Cleaner #1, they make a #3 for removing heavy scratches, and a #2 for fine scratches. If you clean both the inside and outside, your windscreens will be clear like anew and they will have the light green tint they had when new. Most people will think you replaced your windscreens.

Michael Lentini
World Beechcraft Society
Santa Maria, CA

Recent Success with your NOVUS Scratch Remover #2 and #3 saved me almost $400 for the cost of replacing acrylic accent panels on my refrigerator. Both products performed perfectly and renewed the surface to an almost pristine and scratch free finish again. Thank you NOVUS.


I got your polish and used it immediately. It made my refrigerator look new. Just like the day I purchased it. You make a wonderful product and I never want to be without again. I even used it on my microwave, oven door and the front of my dishwasher. I am planning to use it inside my car this weekend.


We tested 9 cleaners and polishes on clear vinyls, acrylics and polycarbonates. What we found was that among the multi-step kits, NOVUS was our pick. The three polishes make it easier to avoid missteps that mar surfaces. NOVUS did the best job handling extensive scratches. For plastics that have weathered some, this is the way we'd go.

Polish Test
Powerboat Reports, October 1997

I just wanted to let you know that I think your products are the best. We recently bought a boat that had a lot of plastic windows on it. We thought we were going to have to buy all new plastic windows until someone mentioned your product to us. We got some. Boy what a difference after using all three on a window. You can actually see out the window instead of it being really hazy. I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know what I thought of your product. IT'S GREAT

Toby Bussey
Jessup, MD

One day I was regluing the metal edging on my plexiglas refrigerator panel and dropped a tiny dot of glue onto the panel itself. Like an idiot, I picked up an old kitchen scrubber and tried to rub it off. Instead, I left a lightly hazed area about the size of a silver dollar right at eye level on the door panel! I sent for the NOVUS Plastic Polish starter kit, which came today. In about 15 minutes flat, using NOVUS #2 and then polishing the area with NOVUS #1, I made that hazed area disappear. Great stuff. Really works.

Tom M.
Teaneck, NJ